Study program

To obtain the MSc degree in Cognitive Systems, you must complete 120 ECTS credit points (CP) of coursework. One full semester of coursework (October-February or April-July) is worth 30 CP, which brings the entire program to four semesters.

The study program starts you off with lectures that teach you the basics of language, learning, and reasoning. As you progress through the program, the responsibility of defining your own research problems will then shift more and more from us towards you, until at the end you complete your first larger-scale research project in the form of your MSc thesis. In detail, the structure of the study program is shown below. You can download the module descriptions in English here.

The precise legal rules for the study program are defined in the Studienordnung (+ an addition regarding BM2 in German, see English version here). Below, we give you an overview of the program, with descriptions of the individual modules and courses. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Foundation Modules (FM)

  • We admit students with background knowledge in at least one of the Foundation areas.
  • Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the MSc Cognitive Systems, we assume that most students will have incomplete experience with one or two of them. These students must attend and pass the FMs for these areas so we can bring you up to speed.
  • Video lectures supported by local take-home exercises and tutorials
  • 6 CP per Module
  • 0-2 Modules (0-12 CP)

Basic Modules (BM)

  • Learn the basics of language, learning, and reasoning at MSc level.
  • Lectures by leaders in the field
  • Accompanied by take-home exercises and final exam
  • 9 CP per Module
  • 3 obligatory Modules (27 CP)

Advanced Modules (AM)

  • Learn about state of the art research in your preferred areas.
  • The topics of the AMs will change each semester, and bring you in touch with the current state of the art in the three fields.
  • Seminars with student presentations and term papers
  • 6 CP per Module
  • Choose 2-4 Modules (12 - 24 CP).
  • You are required to take a total of 24 CP for your FM + AM modules. So if you were assigned 2 FM modules (12 CP), you need to take 2 AM modules in addition.

Project Modules (PM)

  • Work on research projects in your preferred areas.
  • The topics of the project modules vary from year to year.
  • Team up with other students, read up on a specific topic in the field, formulate your own research question, and then do your own research on the topic of your own choice.
  • Presentation and written project report
  • 12 CP per Module
  • Choose 2 out of 3 Modules (24 CP).

Individual Module (IM)

  • Define and work on a small research project of your choice.
  • Independent research supported by a supervisor
  • Short term paper and a poster
  • 15 CP

Master's Thesis

  • Work on your own mid-scale research project.
  • Independent research supported by a supervisor
  • Master's thesis of ~60-100 pages
  • 30 CP