Foundations of Mathematics

The course covers foundational topics in:
  • university-level calculus: limits, functions, differential calculus, maxima and minima, integral calculus, improper integrals, functions of multiple variables, partial differentiation, multidimensional integration
  • linear algebra: systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination, determinants, matrices and vectors, scalar and inner products, lines and planes, differentiation of vector-valued functions

module coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Shravan Vasishth

Course Materials:

  • official course website
  • official course materials
  • J. Gilbert and C.R. Jordan. Guide to mathematical methods. Macmillan, 2 edition, 2002.
  • D.W. Jordan and P. Smith. Mathematical Techniques: An Introduction for the Engineering, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences. Oxford University Press, 4 edition, 2008.
Program Overview