Prof. Dr. Shravan Vasishth

Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Potsdam, 14476 Potsdam, Germany
Phone: +49-(0)331-977-2950 | Fax: - 2087 | Email: vasishth squiggle uni minus potsdam dot de
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Doing a PhD with me: README.1st

The first Potsdam Summer School on Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology, 28 August - 1 September 2017 9AM-5PM.

Lab members

Current PhD and MSc students: Serine Avetisyan, Anna Laurinavichyute, Dario Paape, Paul Maetzig (MSc), Daniela Mertzen, Dorothea Pregla (MSc), Kate Stone
Postdocs: Lena Jäger, Bruno Nicenboim
Independent research groups: Sol Lago, Audrey Bürki-Forschini.
Visiting professor (Vertretungsprofessor): Titus von der Malsburg.


People for whom I was first advisor in their PhD, or did a postdoc with me: Bruno Nicenboim, Felix Engelmann, Samar Husain (postdoc), Lena Jäger (best dissertation award 2015, Uni Potsdam), Pavel Logačev, Titus von der Malsburg, Umesh Patil.

Biography and CV

  • BA (Honours) Japanese (1989 JNU, India)
  • MA Linguistics (1994 JNU, India)
  • MS Computer and Information Science (2002 Ohio State, USA)
  • PhD Linguistics (2002 Ohio State, USA)
  • MSc Statistics (2015 Sheffield, UK), Professional Member, Royal Statistical Society, since 2016 (GradStat ID: 128307).

Publications / research interests

My group develops computational models of human sentence comprehension, focusing on both impaired and unimpaired populations. We are also interested in statistical theory and practice.

Currently funded projects: Volkswagen Foundation grant Opus magnum (Oct 2016-Sept 2018), 200,000 Euros.
DFG grant with Frank Rösler: INHIBIT (2017-2019), 312,150 Euros.
Three projects in SFB 1287 (2017-2021), approximately 1 million Euros.

Publications (with Data + Code)

Teaching at Potsdam

Regular teaching staff in my group:
Dr. Titus von der Malsburg (takes over my teaching as a visiting professor or Professurvertretung, Oct 2016-Sept 2018).
Lehrstuhlmitarbeiter: Paul Maetzig (MSc), Daniela Mertzen, Sandra Hanne, Dario Paape.
The following courses are taught regularly:

Short courses

Statistics-related work