Core faculty

Prof. Dr. Torsten Schaub

Knowledge Processing and Information Systems

Processing dynamic, incomplete and contradictory information; qualitative modeling of complex systems.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Scheffer

Machine Learning

adversarial learning problems, transfer learning, model building in the sciences.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Stede

Applied Computational Linguistics

Discourse structure, automatic discourse understanding and generation.

Prof. Dr. Shravan Vasishth


Computational models of human sentence comprehension, sentence comprehension in aphasia, eye movements and parsing, prediction and retrieval processes, underspecification and individual differences in sentence comprehension, statistical theory and practice.

Dr. Henning Bordihn

Computer Science

Representation of information, models of cooperation, distribution, and communication, automata, formal grammars, and languages, parsing, applications of automated text analysis in software engineering processes

Dr. Lena Jäger


working memory mechanisms subserving syntactic dependency formation

Dr. Tatjana Scheffler

Applied Computational Linguistics

Syntax-semantics interface, discourse & dialog, analysis of Twitter data, corpus linguistics, Tree-Adjoining Grammar, metagrammar, natural language generation, intelligent user interfaces

Dr. Sebastian Stober

Applied Machine Learning

Deep learning, representation learning, reinforcement learning, human-computer interaction, user- and context-adaptive systems in application scenarios such as music information retrieval, audio speech recognition, EEG analysis or gaze modelling