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ESSLLI lecture notes (Aug 2015)

I covered both frequentist and Bayesian data analysis in a two-week ESSLLI course, available here). Please email me if you find any errors.

Lecture notes for annually taught summer course: Introduction to statistical data analysis

This page replaces the web page that used to be the home page for the book ''Foundations of Statistics: A Simulation-based Approach''. That book had a lot of errors, documented here, and has been superceded by the lecture notes provided below.

Download lecture notes and associated material from here.

Lecture notes for annually taught winter course: Advanced data analysis

  1. Download lecture notes from here. A revised version of this document is coming soon.
  2. A tutorial on fitting linear mixed models using Bayesian methods is provided here.

Github repository

You can also visit my Github repository for my statistics notes. There are in various degrees of incompleteness and are heavily based on an MSc program in Statistics taught at the University of Sheffield's School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Comments, criticism, and requests for specific topics are most welcome (email: vasishth squiggle rz dot uni-potsdam dot de).