The 3rd East Asian Psycholinguistics Colloquium (EAPC3), Aug 31, 2015

University of Potsdam, Germany

The 3rd East Asian Psycholinguistics Colloquium (EAPC3) will take place on August 31, 2015.


Registration is now closed.

Location of colloquium

The colloquium will be held at the IKMZ building (the library) in Golm campus. This is building 18 on this map. Here is a floor plan of the ground floor of the library building (the room circled in red is the conference room, which has the word Veranstaltungsraum written outside it): Note that in the map above it is called the Vortragsraum, but the room itself has the word Veranstaltungsraum written outside it.

Location of lunch and poster session

Haus 14, room 215/216. I will accompany everyone to the lunch location. We will provide sandwiches, coffee, refreshments, etc.


Talk and poster specifications

Each talk will be 20 minutes with 10 minutes discussion. Posters should be A0 size, portrait orientation (longer side up).

Accommodation and arrival information

The nearest airports to Potsdam are Berlin Tegel and Berlin Schoenefeld.
It is easy to get to the university campus from Berlin if you are staying near Berlin Zoo station. There is a direct train (about 35 minutes' ride) from Berlin Zoo to Potsdam Golm, where the university is. You can find all train connections from this website.
The upside of staying in Potsdam is that it is really beautiful and green in summer, with lots of lovely parks and beautiful palaces. It's better than staying in Berlin if you like peace and quiet and like walking in greenery.
The upside to staying in Berlin is that it's a bigger city, with all the attendant conveniences, and is also the coolest city in the world. It's very easy to get to from Potsdam, though, so you can get the best of both worlds if you like.
If you decide to stay in Potsdam, we recommend Hotel am Luisenplatz. If you decide to stay in Berlin, we recommend the following two hotels: Somewhat more upscale Hotel Abion; somewhat more minimalist Hotel Tiergarten. These hotels are near my own apartment, and if you stay here, I (Shravan) can accompany you to the university on August 31st.
For those on a budget, see here (Berlin) and here (Potsdam).


Shravan Vasishth, Email: vasishth.shravan AT gmail dot com
Dept. of Linguistics
University of Potsdam
14476 Potsdam