Warm-up with electromagnetic articulometry (EMA), speech movement data visualization and measurement

Adamantios I Gafos

This is a hands-on introduction to basic techniques in the analysis of phonetic data collected with electromagnetic articulometry. Along with the acoustics of speech, this method also registers the movement of the speech organs in the oral part of the vocal tract at a fine spatial and temporal resolution. The tutorial's emphasis is on the concepts and tools needed to view and analyze data, rather than on the mathematics or the signal processing techniques behind these tools. No prior knowledge of programming or experience with electromagnetic articulometry is assumed. However, to make the most out of this course participants should have access to Matlab (version 6. 2 or higher) and also Matlab's signal processing toolbox installed on university computers (and optionally on their personal computers).

Additional technical note: Headphones are recommended for individual listening to audio. Participants will need some freely downloadable unzipping program for rar or zip archives to download and extract the course packet. We may also use some basic spreadsheet software such as Excel to do some quick, sketchy calculations.

Learning in this course takes place during the course sessions by participants actively working on visualizing and measuring phonetic data.

packet in rar archive or in zip archive (about 22 MB)