SS 2016

Current Topics in CL


Current Topics in Computational Linguistics

AM 11/AM 12: Current Topics in Computational Linguistics
Summer Semester 2016
Prof. Dr. Alexander Koller
Di 12-14; Golm, Haus 14, Raum 0.09

Start: Tuesday, April 21

As in previous semesters, I am opening the Computational Linguistics lab meeting to interested MSc students. We will read and discuss current papers in CL. Currently our focus is on computational semantics and statistical methods, particularly neural networks.

The seminar will be a great way to be exposed to the current literature. However, it will also be very challenging, in that we will assume that everyone who comes to the lab meetings has read the assigned literature, so you may need to read up on some background by yourself.

To get credit for the class, you will need to participate actively in the group discussions, and lead the discussion on at least one paper. In the end, you will write a seminar paper summarizing and working out some topics that we covered in the discussions.

If you would like to participate, please get in touch with me by email.