Workshop Talks and Presentations

Workshop Experimental Studies on Intonation: 5.-7. January 2009 in Potsdam

The workshop "Experimental Studies on Intonation: Phonetic, Phonological and Psycholinguistic Aspects of Sentence Prosody" is an event of the German Research Council's Priority Program 1234 "Phonetic and Phonological Competence" ( The workshop will be held at Potsdam University from the 5th - 7th January 2009. It is hosted by the project "Prosody in Parsing" ( at Potsdam University and is jointly organized by researchers from the Universities of Potsdam, Cologne, Stuttgart and Berlin. The four projects of the Priority Program are engaged in the following areas:

- comparative studies on intonation
- prosody in sentence processing
- tonal and articulatory correlates of information structure
- prosodic categories in speech perception

The workshop aims at furthering interdisciplinary exchange and advancing discussion on the above and other aspects of intonation. The workshop will consist of invited talks and presentations of the individual project's work.



Invited speakers
  • Mara Breen - UMass-Amherst
  • Gösta Bruce - Lund
  • Gorka Elordieta - University of Basque Country
  • Lyn Frazier - Amherst
  • Carlos Gussenhoven - Nijmegen
  • David House - Stockholm
  • Hélène Loevenbruck - Grenoble
  • Amy Schafer - University of Hawaii
  • Shari Speer - Ohio State University
  • Michael Wagner - McGill, Montreal
  • Anja Gollrad
  • Gerrit Kentner
  • Frank Kügler
  • Grzegorz Dogil
  • Caroline Féry
  • Martine Grice
  • Bernd Möbius
  • Doris Mücke
  • Hubert Truckenbrodt
  • Shravan Vasishth