The conference and the workshops will take place in the Griebnitzsee campus of the University of Potsdam, located right next to the Griebnitzsee train station ("Bhf Griebnitzsee"); see the campus map below. All sessions will take place in building 6: the main conference talks will be held in Hall H02 in the ground floor, while the workshops sessions in the first and second floors (see schedule for room allocation). The meeting point for the Open Space event is at the ground floor lobby.

Food: Attendants will be provided with lunch tickets for the Griebnitzsee campus cafeteria, which is accessible from building 6. An overview of the menu is available here. For details and other alternatives, please visit our food page.

Directions to the venue

The Griebnitzsee campus is located between Potsdam and Berlin and is directly accessible from both via the S7 train line:

  • From Potsdam Hauptbahnhof (Hbf), take the S7 direction Ahrensfelde (Berlin) from platform 6 or 7 (duration: 6 minutes).
  • From Berlin Hbf, take the S7 direction Potsdam from platform 16 (duration: 32 minutes)
  • From Griebnitzsee Bhf, trains towards Potsdam leave from platform 1 and towards Berlin from platform 2.
The same line also serves several other train stations in Potsdam and Berlin. The stations and platforms where the S-Bahn trains run are usually indicated by the green sign. The S7 trains run every 10 minutes between 05:00 - 21:00, and every 20 minutes after 21:00; on working days, trains run until around 00:30, while the service is non-stop from Friday morning to Sunday evening. You will find a timetable of the line for all stations here. Note that after 21:00 some trips between Griebnitzsee and Berlin may include a brief stopover at Grunewald Station.

Depending on the location of your hotel, you may also need to take additional transportation. For more information, please consult our local transportation page.

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