Local transportation

The Berlin/Brandenburg metropolitan area, which includes Potsdam, has a dense public transport network. It is highly recommended that you consult the VBB route planner for your trips, which includes real-time information about potential delays. Smartphone users can also download the free apps FahrInfo Berlin (iPhone) or Öffi (Android).

Potsdam and Berlin have each its own zone-based network, parts of which overlap. Your daily transportation pass, which is included in the conference registration, covers Berlin ABC, which also includes Potsdam and the conference venue (Griebnitzsee), as well as both airports, among others; you can find a map of the covered zones here (see also a more detailed map of the Potsdam network which is covered by your pass).

Your transportation pass allows you, within the covered zones, to use all of the following means of public transport:

  • S-Bahn: yellow-red trains; serve Berlin and some Potsdam stations; the S7 line links the conference venue (Griebnitzsee) with the main stations of Potsdam and Berlin, among others.
  • Regional trains (RE, RB): red trains; may offer faster alternatives than the S-Bahn in some cases.
  • Buses: serve most of Potsdam and Berlin; night buses substitute some S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines after midnight.
  • Trams: serve locations in Potsdam and Berlin.
  • U-Bahn (subway): covers most of Berlin.
The pass does not cover high-speed trains (e.g. IC, ICE, EC).