Information for Authors

Papers should be formatted with a font size of 11pt, with times as font, typeset in one column, and with margins of 25mm all around. Papers should be submitted in PDF A4 paper format using the START electronic submission web page at Note that submissions must be anonymous. Long paper submissions should not exceed 10 pages plus an additional page for references. Short paper submissions should not exceed 5 pages plus an additional page for references. (This information is correct, rather than the CFP, which omitted mention of the extra page for references.) The first page should include an abstract of ca. 10 lines. Authors are strongly encouraged to prepare their submission using Latex.

Latex Submissions

Users of latex should use documentclass article with the options a4paper and 11pt, using the packages times and geometry to set font and margins. For citations please use the natbib package with chicago.bst as bibliography style. See below for an example latex file.


\usepackage{graphicx}  %%% for including graphics
\usepackage{url}       %%% for including URLs

\title{Example Paper for IWCS}

\author{Example Author\\
   \and Someone Else\\
        Another Affiliation\\