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Secretary of the head of department, Prof. Dr. Zimmermann

Ines Mauer
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MSc Linguistics

  • Start: Winter semester (October) or summer semester (April)
  • Duration: 4 semesters (full time)
  • Mode of attendance: Full- or part time
  • Degree: Master of Science
  • Language of courses: German and English


In our Masters program in Linguistics, students investigate issues in the core areas of grammar: phonology, syntax and semantics, both language-specific and cross-linguistically. Apart from grammar theory, the program focusses on experimental methods for obtaining empirical data which are relevant to the investigation of theoretical phenomena. Due to the close collaboration - in research as well as in teaching - of grammar theory with computational linguistics, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics, you can choose from a wide range of courses in these fields. General linguistics has its roots in the individual philologies. The Department of Linguistics in Potsdam supports interdepartmental cooperation with the philological institutes of the Faculty of Arts, namely German, English / American, Romance and Slavic Studies.The Master program is research-centered, students have the opportunity to participate actively in ongoing research, and benefit from the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and learning benefit.

More information

For more information on how to apply, see the menu item Application. For more information for more advanced students, see the menu item Studies. Prospective students can also find more information on the pages of the University of Potsdam:

Master of Science Linguistics (in German)

There, you find information on the content, structure and goals of the program, future career possibilities, and students' oppinions of the program.

For students who want to change from the Magister/Diplom system into the Bachelor/Master system, this page (in German) offers more information.