Social Media Discourses

Language technology tools and methods for the analysis of sentiment and discourse quality in various types of social media.

Sprachtechnologische Werkzeuge und Methoden für die Analyse von Sentiment und Diskursqualität in verschiedenen Social Media Typen.

The Potsdam branch of the project is in charge of applying computational linguistics methods to the analysis of individual texts, and thereby contributing to the precision and coverage of the overall analysis of the discourse (the network of contributions on a particular topic). One central goal is to classify expressions of subjectivity, so that the sentiment encoded in a text - and possibly in the relation to other texts that are being referred to - can be quantified. The other, more exploratory, goal is to devise methods for determining the "quality" of a social media contribution: Does it make a point, does it carry the discussion forward, or is it (for example) just a quick statement of discontent? - For both issues, the idea is to support the human analyst in order to make her or his work on exploring a large corpus of texts more effective.