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SUMMaR: Automatic Text Summarization

Funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)

project management: Professor Dr. Manfred Stede
staff: Dr. Stefanie Dipper, Heike Bieler, Arthit Suriyawongkul
student assistants: Annika Neumann, Johannes Schröder, Nikolaus Werner, Lena Wittke
duration: november 2004 - october 2007

In the SUMMaR project, we developed a prototypical text summarization system. Our goal was to produce high quality summaries at a high level of robustness. To this end, we combined symoblic, linguistic methods with statistic approaches.
The overall architecture of our system is modular, the interface between the module is realised via the xml-based interchange format PAULA.

The system was developed for German and extended for English. It can be extended easily for other languages as well. 
The characteristics of selected text genres (news, political speeches, film- and hotel reviews, press releases) have some influence on the system, but in general it is genre-independent.

SUMMaR is part of the BMBF project PINK ("Plattform fuer INtelligente Kollaborationsportale"), a consortium of companies and universities from Berlin/Brandenburg, funded in the framework "Innovative regionale Wachstumskerne".

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